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Production IR Furnace Technical Information

Near Infrared Heating (IR Heating Theory)App Noteshtml
IR Furnace Attributes & LCI Furnaces Design FeaturesApp Noteshtml
White PapersIndexhtml
Technical Notes (engineering and field bulletins)Indexhtml
LCI Furnace DocumentationIndexhtml


IndexCustom Operating Manuals by Furnace Order NumberDirectoryhtml
675-170306LA-306 Operation & Theory, 3rd ed (All 2014-2017 Models, PLC Control)Std Manualhtml
675-140309LA-309P Operation & Theory (All 2014-16 Models, PLC Control)Std Manualhtml
675-120306LA-306 Operation & Theory, 2nd ed (All 2013 Models, PLC Control)Std Manualhtml
675-110306LA-306 Operation & Theory (All 2012 Models)Std Manualhtml
RTC LA-306RTC LA-Series Operation Manual (1984-2005 Models)Std ManualCall
676-110309LA-309 Model IR Furnace OWNER'S MANUAL
Installation and Operating Instructions, Specifications and Drawings
Custom Manualhtml
676-110000IR Furnace OWNER'S MANUAL
Installation and Operating Instructions Specifications and Drawings (All except LA-306 series and "V" series)
Sample of Custom Manualpdf
675-110000Furnace REFERENCE MANUAL-Computer Controlled Furnaces (All except LA-306 series and "V" series)Sample of Std Manualpdf
Section 1Furnace INSTALLATION Instructions - GeneralSectionpdf
TEC-832Synchronize Furnace Software with PLCProcedurepdf
TEC-875RAID Systems (Description, Levels and Terms)Tech Notehtml
675-120306-06LA-306 EQUIPMENT OPTIONS (Description and Operation) Chapterpdf



TPSTP Solar Furnace VideosPublichtml
LA-306LA-306 Furnace VideosPublichtml
RTC LA-306LA-306 Startup, Optimized for ReflowPublichtml


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