LA-Series Furnaces

Production Laboratory Furnace

The LA-series furnace is a versatile computer-controlled high temperature furnace for production and laboratory applications. Process atmosphere is controlled much like a clean room: pressurized gas is pushed through the heating chamber insulation providing a pre-heated, laminar flow for a uniform, stable atmosphere. Precise temperature is maintained by control thermocouples above the belt in each zone quickly sensing changing conditions. IR quartz heating lamps inside the chamber instantaneously adjust their output to achieve tight temperature control: each load through the furnace sees the same temperature.

Computer Controlled. The furnace is operated via TPS FurnaceControl software installed on a robust industrial rack mount furnace computer. The process engineer can easily vary process parameters using the sophisticated PID and power control parameters in the software. An almost infinite number of recipes and profiles can be labeled and stored for ready access on the furnace computer. The software includes 3 levels of password protected control (Engineer and Operator) and logs each change in recipe load or furnace state useful for troubleshooting product and process performance.

The furnace software operates in a Microsoft Windows environment. The program and all settings and recipes are stored on the rack mounted industrial computer hard drive. The computer is complete with a high resolution color graphic screen, full size keyboard/mouse and/or touchscreen interface. The furnace includes two (2) local USB ports at the computer below the control console for connecting profilers and jump drive storage devices.

Laboratory and Production Applications. LA-series furnaces can process substrates, wafers, PCBs, metal, ceramic, glass or polycarbonate parts for Package Sealing, Epoxy Die Attach, Polymer Curing, Reflow Soldering, Hybrid/Thick Film Firing, General Thermal Processing, Brazing, Annealing, Tempering, Metal Sintering as well as many other production and laboratory applications.

Furnace Arrangement

Parameter LA-306, LA-309, LA-310 LA-306X, LA-309X, LA310X
Load Station 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches)
Entrance Baffle with Venturi Exhaust 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches)
IR Heating Chamber, Zone 1 19 cm (7.5 inches) 19 cm (7.5 inches)
IR Heating Chamber, Zone 2 38 cm (15 inches) 19 cm (7.5 inches)
IR Heating Chamber, Zone 3 19 cm (7.5 inches) 19 cm (7.5 inches)
IR Heating Chamber, Zone 4 none 19 cm (7.5 inches)
Exit Baffle 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches)
CACT Closed Atmosphere Cooling Chamber 76 cm (30 inches) 76 cm (30 inches)
Unload Station 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches)

Feature LA-306, LA-306X LA-309, LA-309X LA-310, LA-310X
Belt Width 6 inches
(15.2 cm)
9 inches
(22.8 cm)
10 inches
(25.4 cm)
Entrance Exhaust Stack 1 standard 1 standard 1 standard
Exit Exhaust Stack 0 (optional) 1 standard 1 standard
Edge Heaters n/a optional 1 pair standard

Furnace Specifications

Parameter LA-306, LA-309, LA-310 LA-306X, LA-309X, LA310X
Process Gas CDA, Nitrogen (-N), or noncombustible Forming Gas (-FG)
Control Zones 3 zones 4 zones
Heating Chamber length 76 cm (30 inches) 76 cm (30 inches)
Cooling Chamber 36 cm (30 inches) CACT – CDA or N2 convective and radiant cooling, exterior fan heat removal.
Belt Speed 2.5-25 cm/min (1-10 ipm)
5.0-50 cm/min (2-20 ipm)
10-100 cm/min (4-40 ipm)
(or as specified)
Conveyor Belt SS-316 Stainless steel or BNV- low mass, stabilized Nichrome-V
Exhaust Improved venturi exhaust stack(s) to reduce process gas consumption.
Max Design Temperature 600 C or 1000 C
Electrical All models include universal transformers which accommodate 208-480 Vac and 50/60 Hz frequency anywhere in the world, allowing furnace relocation without external equipment. All furnace systems are phase balanced to improve facility efficiency. IR lamp controls automatically keep IR spectrum constant.

Facility Requirements

Model Power Configuration
3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Connected Load Typ Operating @ 800 C
3-Zone Models 208 Vac
220-240 Vac
380-400 Vac
415 Vac
440-500 Vac
18.2 kW, 50.6 A
21.0 kW, 50.4 A
19.1 kW, 27.6 A
20.2 kW, 28.1 A
23.5 kW, 28.3 A
9.7 kW, 26.8 A
11.1 kW, 26.7 A
10.1 kW, 14.6 A
10.7 kW, 14.9 A
12.4 kW, 14.9 A
4-Zone Models 208 Vac
220-240 Vac
380-400 Vac
415 Vac
440-500 Vac
19.4 kW, 54.0 A
22.5 kW, 54.1 A
18.3 kW, 26.5 A
19.4 kW, 27.0 A
22.5 kW, 27.0 A
10.3 kW, 28.6 A
11.9 kW, 28.6 A
9.7 kW, 14.0 A
10.3 kW, 14.3 A
11.9 kW, 14.3 A
Parameter Process Section Typ 425 C operation (CDA exchange rate: 2x, balanced flow) Low O2 operation, 800 C (N2/FG exch rate:3x, 50 sLpm excess flow)
Process Gas Supply Gas 1 357 Lpm @ 5 bar
(756 scfh @ 70 psig)
96 sLpm @ 5 bar
(203 scfh @ 70 psig)
Gas 2 (Heating Chamber only) n/a 69 sLpm @ 5 bar
(146 scfh @ 70 psig)
Process Gas Exhaust Gas 1 + Gas 2 357 sLpm
(756 scfh)
115 sLpm
(243 scfh)
Enclosure Ventilation Furnace Cabinet, vent to
room or exhaust system
260 Lpm @ 30 C   (550 cfm @ 86 F)

Length 3.1 m (120.1 inches)
Width 1.1 m (42.5 inches)
Height (min-max) 1.74-1.9 m (68.4-74.9 inches)*
Adjustable Conveyor Height 91.4 cm +10/-6.3
(36 inch +4.0/-2.5)
91.4 cm +10/-0.0
(36 inch +4.0/-0.0)
Weight 730 kg (1600 LB)

*minimum height with castors off; maximum  height with chamber raised using MCL.

LA-Series Standard Features and Options

Standard OEM features and options are listed below. Click on hyperlink for feature details. 

Code Description Code Description Code Description
CXE15 Load Extension, 380 mm CXX15 Unload Extension, 380 mm DGO Dual Gas Operation (annealing, thick film)
EM Element Monitoring System OA Oxygen Analyzer AFR Coalescing Air Filter Regulator
MA Moisture Analyzer EH Edge Heaters (-309, -310) MCL Motorized Chamber Lift
LT Process Ready Light Tower CB-3 3-PH Circuit Breaker Disconnect PH1-5 Product Clearance (1"-5" available)

Many more options can be selected to configure the furnace for your particular application.

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