D-Series IR Dryers

Production Infrared Thermal Processing Dryers

The D-Series dryers are precision ovens for curing, drying and other critical low temperature process applications. Process atmosphere is controlled much like a clean room: pressurized gas is pushed through the heating chamber insulation providing a pre-heated, laminar flow for a uniform, stable atmosphere. Precise temperature is maintained by control thermocouples above the belt in each zone quickly sensing changing conditions. IR quartz heating lamps inside the chamber instantaneously adjust their output to achieve tight temperature control (typically +/-2%) so each product load through the furnace sees the same temperature.

Convection and. IR.  D-Series infrared dryers are designed to engage transfer of both mass and energy.  As heat is transferred from the IR emitters by both radiant and convection means into the product it causes evaporation of moisture, solvents and other elements. As infrared thermal energy emitted from lamps above the product, the product absorbs the IR radiation triggering vibrations of its molecules and a subsequent transfer of mass and heat. The moving conveyor belt also absorbs heat which is subsequently released through conduction. Adjustment of the control system and process gas by zone can emphasize or de-emphasize dominance of infrared over convection and conduction energy used in drying and/or curing processes.

Self Cleaning Design. Flowing gas introduced evenly through the chamber walls exiting through the exhaust stack carry away water vapor and other volatile gases released in the drying process keeping the product environment consistent and the furnace internals clean. Because of the unique method of introducting process gas throught the wall preheating the gas is not necessary and cool spots are avoided.

Computer Controlled. D-series dryers are operated via sophisticated furnace software installed on a robust managed platform industrial furnace computer. The process engineer can easily vary process parameters using the sophisticated PID and power control parameters in the software. An almost infinite number of recipes and profiles can be labeled and stored for ready access on the furnace computer.  The software includes 4 levels of password protected control and logs each change in recipe load or furnace state useful for troubleshooting product and process performance. 

The furnace software operates on a Microsoft Windows 7 rack mounted industrial computer system. The program and all settings and recipes are stored on the hard drive. The computer is complete with an LCD high resolution color graphic screen, full size keyboard interface and Ethernet high-speed network connections to facilitate view and control of the furnace by managers and process engineers from any location. The furnace includes two (2) local USB ports (located on the rack mounted computer near the entrance and control panel) for connecting profilers and jump drive storage devices.

Production Applications. Because of their accuracy and repeatability, D-series driers are preferred for precision thick film drying and baking and curing of polyimide coatings or embedded polymer components, the D-series uniform heating is also ideal for production heat processing applications, surface heating, drying and curing speciality coatings and finishing operations. D-series unique control of process gas makes theses driers ideal for organic and food drying applications where the combination of infrared and convection energy has a distinct advantage.

 An available closed atmosphere option allows thermal processing without oxidation in a nitrogen environment.

Choose 22.8, 45.7, 61 or 91 cm wide belts for increased throughput while maintaining acceptable residence time. Add fan-driven or closed atmosphere cooling, ultrasonic belt cleaning and production line signaling/product transfer options.

Furnace Arrangement

Parameter D-600 Models D-900 Models D-1200 Models D-1500 Models
Load Station 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches)
Entrance Isolation Baffle
with Venturi Exhaust
38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches
IR Heating Chamber, Zone 1 76 cm (30 inches) 76 cm (30 inches) 76 cm (30 inches) 76 cm (30 inches)
IR Heating Chamber Zone 2 76 cm (30 inches) 76 cm (30 inches) 76 cm (30 inches) 76 cm (30 inches)
IR Heating Chamber Zone 3 none 76 cm (30 inches) 76 cm (30 inches) 76 cm (30 inches)
IR Heating Chamber Zone 4 none none 76 cm (30 inches) 76 cm (30 inches)
IR Heating Chamber Zone 5 none none none 76 cm (30 inches)
Exit Isolation Baffle
with Venturi Exhaust
38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches)
Unload Station 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches) 38 cm (15 inches)
Total Length 308 cm (121 inches) 384 cm (151 inches) 460 cm (181 inches) 536 cm (211 inches)

Furnace Specifications for D-Series Dryer Models

Parameter D-600 Series D-900 Series D-1200 Series D-1500 Series
Process Gas CDA, Nitrogen (-N), Forming Gas with premixed Hydrogen and Nitrogen (-FG)
Control Zones 2 zones  3 zones 4 zones 5 zones
Heating Chamber length 152 cm (60 inches) 228 cm (90 inches) 304 cm (120 inches) 380 cm (150 inches)
Cooling Chamber 38 cm (15 inches) Exit Isolation Baffle – CDA or N2 convective and radiant cooling
Optional Cooling Chamber choices Each of these Cooling Modules adds 76 cm (30 inches) to dryer total length:
  1.  Fan driven ambient air.
  2.  CACT - N2 convective and radiant cooling, exterior fan heat removal.
Belt Speed 25-500 mm/min (1-20 ipm) or 50-1000 mm/min (2-40) ipm (other speeds available)
Conveyor Belt BSS- Stainless Steel
Belt Size:
model, nominal width
D-609, 22.8 cm (9 in.)
D-618, 45.7 cm (18 in.)
D-624, 61 cm (24 in.)
D-636, 91 cm (36 in.)
D-909, 22.8 cm (9 in.)
D-918, 45.7 cm (18 in.)
D-924, 61 cm (24 in.)
D-936, 91 cm (36 in.)
D-1209, 22.8 cm (9 in.)
D-1218, 45.7 cm (18 in.)
D-1224, 61 cm (24 in.)
D-1236, 91 cm (36 in.)
D-1509, 22.8 cm (9 in.)
D-1518, 45.7 cm (18 in.)
D-1524, 61 cm (24 in.)
D-1536, 91 cm (36 in.)
Exhaust Improved venturi exhaust stacks to reduce process gas consumption.  Number of stacks vary with process requirements.
Temperature Rating, max 450°C
Electrical All models include universal transformers which accommodate 208-480 Vac and 50/60 Hz frequency anywhere in the world, allowing furnace relocation without external equipment. All furnace systems are phase balanced to improve facility efficiency.  IR lamp controls automatically keep IR spectrum constant.

D-Series Dryers Standard Features and Options

Standard features are listed on the Standard Features pages (see link below). Popular options include the following:

Code Description Code Description Code Description
OT Indep Over-temperature Control OA Oxygen Analyzer AFR Coalescing Air Filter & Regulator
MA Moisture Analyzer EH Edge Heaters IR-E Entrance Interface Roller, small diameter
LT Process Ready Light Tower CB Circuit Breaker IR-X Exit Interface Roller, small diameter

Many more options can be selected to configure the furnace for your particular application.