LCI for low prices on low operating cost, high efficiency OEM Furnaces:  LA-Series or Laboratory Series Models, including return of the popular compact LA-306 (new updated design) and versatile LA-309, LA-309X; replaces RTC LA-304, LA-310 and LA310X laboratory (lab) production continuous atmosphere high temperature 1000C infrared belt furnaces.

V-series Configuration

The V-series is an option that can be applied to most of the standard furnace models.  The "V" option replaces the computer operator interface teminal (OIT) and programmable logic controller (PLC) with discrete digital PID controllers for furnace zone control. V-series IR furnace control consolePrecise temperature is maintained by individual PID controllers which receive signals from their respective zone thermocouples above the belt in each zone quickly sensing changing conditions. IR quartz heating lamps inside the chamber instantaneously adjust their output to achieve tight temperature control: each load through the furnace sees the same temperature.

Push buttons enable top lamps to vary radiant energy and bottom lamps to increase or decrease convection characteristics.

Belt Speed is controlled adjustment of a feed-forward potentiometer on the control console.  Actual speed is read on a digital speed feedback indicator on the control console. 

Belt speed calibrate control and alarm functions are also included.

Temperature Controller

IR Furnace Zone Temperature Controller

The furnace zones are controlled by independent single loop temperature controllers. These controllers feature 4 button membrane keypad operation; dual 4 digit high visibility LED displays; and 3 LEDs for output status indication. 

The process engineer can easily vary process parameters using the sophisticated PID control parameters in the controller. 

Temperature Controller Specifications for V-series Option

Parameter V-Series Control System
Control Full PID
Tuning Automatic pre-tune and manual tuning
  - Function Button (F) Run, Hold, Stop, Reset, or Auto
  - Down Step or scroll down
  - Up Step or scroll up
  - Enter Enter value or parameter
Alarm Types Process high, process low, band and deviation (high or low) alarm.
Power Loss Recovery Continues profile from point of power fail or end profile and return to controller mode.
PID Controller Conformance CE
EMI:  EN61326
Safety: EN61010-1. Pollution degree 2, Installlation catagory II.

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