ALL NEW Compact High Temperature Infrared Thermal Processing Furnace

True near-infrared furnace.  With models starting under $45k, the LA-306 is a compact high quality general purpose furnace. For those on a tighter budget, check out a reconditioned RTC LA-306 with 1-year factory warranty (in stock now).

The small 6 inch wide chamber offers excellent temperature control and rapid rise to 1000C. Process atmosphere is controlled much like a clean room: pressurized gas is pushed through the heating chamber insulation providing a pre-heated, laminar flow for a uniform, stable atmosphere. Precise temperature is maintained by control thermocouples above the belt in each zone quickly sensing changing conditions. IR quartz heating lamps inside the chamber instantaneously adjust their output to achieve tight temperature control: each load through the furnace sees the same temperature.


The LA-306 is used in production and laboratory environments for thermally controlled continuous processes in a controlled atmosphere of nitrogen, forming gas or air.  It is available in a dual gas configuration, a second gas such as forming gas composed of nitrogen and up to 4% hydrogen can be introduced into the furnace chamber while pure nitrogen is used in the rest of the furnace.  It runs on single phase 208 – 240 volt power.  It is efficient:  When operated at 800C it draws only 40 amps of current.


The LA-306 furnace is used for controlled thermal processing of product in a repeatable manner.  The furnace can heat to 1000C (1832F) for thermal processing in a controlled atmosphere. It is used for thermal processing of substrates, wafers, PCBs, metal ingots and manufactured parts, ceramic, glass, optical coatings and polycarbonate products.  Specific applications include:

  • precise curing of coatings on optical lenses,

  • general curing and drying,

  •  semiconductor processing, Package Sealing, Epoxy Die Attach, Polymer Curing,

  •  copper and hybrid thick film firing,

  •  advanced thin film, crystalline silicon, cadmium telluride (CdTe alloys) and certain copper indium diselenide (CIS-alloys) solar cell processing,

  •  precious metal and alloy melting, brazing, annealing, tempering and sintering applications.

Furnace Arrangement

Parameter LA-306
Load Station 38 cm (15 inches)
Entrance Isolation Baffle with Venturi Exhaust38 cm (15 inches)
IR Heating Chamber, Zone 119 cm (7.5 inches)
IR Heating Chamber Zone 238 cm (15 inches)
IR Heating Chamber Zone 319 cm (7.5 inches)
Transition Tunnel (with optional Venturi Exhaust)38 cm (15 inches)
CACT Closed Atmosphere Cooling Chamber76 cm (30 inches)
Unload Station38 cm (15 inches)

LA-306 Furnace Entrance and Front Views

Cross-section of LA-306

Cross-section New LA-306 Furnace Internals

Specifications for LA-306 Laboratory Furnace

Brochure   Datasheet   Datasheet pdf
Owner's Manual:             pdf


Parameter LA-306
Process Gas CDA, Nitrogen (-N), Forming Gas with premixed Hydrogen and Nitrogen (-FG)
Control Zones3 zones
Heating Chamber length76 cm (30 inches)
Cooling ChamberCACT – CDA or N2 convective and radiant cooling, exterior fan heat removal.
Belt Speed25-500 mm/min (1-20 ipm) or 25-1000 mm/min (2-40) ipm (other speeds available)
Conveyor BeltBNV- low mass, stabilized Nichrome-V
Belt Size, nominal width 15 cm (6 in.)
Exhaust Improved venturi exhaust stacks to reduce process gas consumption.  Number of stacks vary with process requirements.
Temperature Capacity, max 600C, 1000C with HT option
ElectricalSingle phase design.  All models include universal transformers which accommodate 208-240 Vac and 50/60 Hz frequency anywhere in the world, allowing furnace relocation without external equipment. IR lamp controls automatically keep IR spectrum constant.

Facility Requirements

Parameter LA-306Standard PowerHi Power
  Operating Current as a
  function of Temperature
208 Vac, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz
220 Vac, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz
230 Vac, 1 ph, 50 Hz (EU)/60 Hz
240 Vac, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz
13.8 kW, 66.5 A
14.2 kW, 64.4 A
14.5 kW, 62.9 A
14.8 kW, 61.6 A
17.2 kW, 82.6 A
17.2 kW, 78.1 A
17.2 kW, 74.7 A
17.2 kW, 71.6 A
ParameterProcess SectionTypical (CDA exchange rate: 2x)
425 C operation, balanced flow
Typical (N2 exch rate: 3x)
950 C, 25 sLpm excess flow
Process Gas SupplyGas 1100 Lpm @ 5 bar
(212 SCFH @ 70 psig)
80 Lpm @ 5 bar
(170 SCFH @ 70 psig)
Gas 2 (Heating Chamber only)see Gas 139 m3/hr @ 5 bar
(83 CFM @ 70 psig)
Process Gas ExhaustGas 1 + Gas 2100 Lpm
(212 SCFH)
94 Lpm
(200 SCFH)
Enclosure VentilationFurnace Cabinet Fan (1)
vent to room or facility exhaust system
930 m3/hr @ 30C
(550 cfm @ 86F)
Control Cabinet Fans (2)
(vents to room)
360 m3/hr @ 30C
(212 cfm @ 86F)
DimensionsLength3.07 m (121 inches)
Width0.64 m (25 inches)
Height1.71 m (67.5 inches)
Adjustable Conveyor Height9144 mm +/- 38 (36 inch +/- 1.5)
Weight500 kg (1100 LB)


LA-306 Furnace Standard Features and Options

Standard features are listed on the Standard Features pages (see link below). Popular options include the following:

Code DescriptionCode Description
NONitrogen OperationOAOxygen Analyzer
LTProcess Ready Light TowerMAMoisture Analyzer
AFRCoalescing Air Filter & RegulatorCBCircuit Breaker

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