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LCI Furnaces


Controlled Atmosphere Belt Furnaces

Advanced production and laboratory infrared controlled atmosphere belt furnaces manufactured to your application requirements. Select by furnace model below or by application.

D-Series Dryer Advanced IR Curing Ovens & Dryers
75C to 500C applications
CDA, N2 or other process gas
240, 460, 610, 760-mm std ss belt
(10, 18, 24, 30-inch std ss belt)
Optics & Display; Coatings cure;
Glass substrate prep; Active device fab;
Precision drying; Process pre-cure

LA-series LA-Series updated for 2020
1000°C Compact Low Cost
3-zone and 4-Zone
Laboratory Infrared Belt Furnace
1-5" throat (product clearance)
15 cm (6"), 23 cm (9") and 25 cm (10") belt
Annealing & Thick Film processing; Production
and Laboratory applications
N-model is Nitrogen & Forming Gas ready

LA-Series-N Updated for 2020! High Performance
LA-series Dental Production Furnace
1000°C Infrared Belt Furnace

3 or 4-zone,
23 cm (9") and 25 cm (10") belt
N-models: N2 and Forming Gas ready

Click for LA-309 & RTC LA-310 Supplies

LA-SiC series NEW in 2019! High Performance
1150C IR Laboratory Belt Furnaces
3 or 4-Zone Controlled Atmosphere
Silicone Carbide Elements
Superior oxidation resistance, long service life
1 to 5" throat (product clearance)
150 mm (6-inch),  228 mm (9-inch)
or 254 mm (10-inch) belt widths
SMD-Series Infrared Packaging Furnaces
Semiconductior Production IR Furnaces
Various belt sizes (9 to 18-inches)
600C Precision Temperature Control
Low Oxygen design
TF-Series Thick Film IR Furnaces
Hybrid / Thick Film processing
Noble and copper paste,
metal ceramic and glass inks
228 mm (9 inch), 457 mm (18-in),
or 610 mm (24-in) belt
S-Series High Temp Semiconductor IR Furnaces
Single & Dual Gas Models
2 to 12 Zones

254 mm (10-inch), 318 mm (15-inch)
 or 457 mm (18-inch) belt
Hydrogen furnace Hydrogen IR Furnaces
1000°C precise control
Nitrogen / Hydrogen Mixing
(variable Forming Gas)
240 mm (9.5 inch) or
380 mm (15-inch) belt

SCD-Series IR Furnace Solar Cell Furnaces &
Combination Photovoltaic Furnace
with and without and Dryer section
Various belt sizes
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Furnaces and Ovens
Analyzers and Microscopes
Screen Printers and Laminators
Solder Equip and Welders

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LCI Furnaces

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